About Me

Like you, Mark Hall is passionate about conservation, wildlife and hunting…in that order.

However, having the analytical mind of a scientist, aesthetic eye of an artist and the instinctual insights of a hunter makes Mark’s perspectives very different from that of other hunters and conservationists.

Mark has witnessed a profound shift in land, conservation and hunting ethics over the last several decades. If in fact a shift is real, is it being driven by natural resource policies that under value wildlife? Could people’s mistrust of science be a factor? Are hunter’s behaviors and attitudes playing a role? Is there a lack of respect for one another in the public forum? Or is there simply a growing sense of hopelessness for the future of wildlife? If so, how does one inspire hope?

Hope is fundamental to wildlife conservation. Hope motivates people and creates the sense that things will work out and get better in the future. Conservation is about accepting the situation today and taking responsibility to change it. Mark’s ability to take his passion for wildlife conservation, emotional ups and downs of being an ecological practitioner and perspectives on hunting and fuse them into balanced and thought provoking conversations is what really resonates on a personal level with audiences.

Mark holds a master’s degree in environmental science. He is a Professional Agrologist and retired Professional Forester. The focus of his career has revolved around environmental protection, ecosystem restoration and wildlife habitat management. Mark served on a number of Boards for conservation organizations including the British Columbia Wildlife Federation and the British Columbia Conservation Foundation.

But most importantly Mark believes there is hope. His mission is to inspire people to uncover their own reasons for having hope too.

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